An Overview of the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship

-The Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship helps people create profitable businesses.

One of the keys to economic growth is entrepreneurship, the ability of an individual with an idea to take that idea and turn it into a business.  The key to building a successful business often rests with an understanding of finance.

The goal of the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship is to provide entrepreneurs, small business owners, and managers with the skills they need to create and operate a profitable business.

The Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship offers a variety of consulting, training, speaking, and mentoring programs to help an individual develop the financial and entrepreneurial skills they need to start a business, understand how a business makes money, and grow their business.

Training and Development

The Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship provides training and development in several key areas.

The first of these areas is innovation and entrepreneurship, the process of generating ideas, turning these ideas into concepts for business, and then developing a strategy and plan to start a new business of develop a new product line within an existing business.

The Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship also provides training in finance. Our financial training is designed not only to explain the core concepts of finance, but also to explain how finance can be used in managing a business and in structuring a business have a competitive advantage.  Our training also provides the financial tools can be used to analyze business trends and develop projections for growth.

The Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship also offers a series of hands on training programs that will help you research and develop a business plan for a startup business, develop and implement strategies to grow your business, and keep your business profitable and operating efficiently even in the current difficult economic environment.

In addition, the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship also sponsors a series of business planning boot camps. Our boot camps offer entrepreneurs and small-business owners the opportunity to develop their business plans in an intense hands-on three-day workshop under the guidance of the principals of the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Our training programs are ideal not only for entrepreneurs beginning a new business but also for managers of an existing business and board members who need to develop a deeper understanding of innovation, finance, and business planning.

Consulting and Mentoring

The Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship offers a full range of consulting and mentoring services to assist business owners and managers in managing and growing their business.

We offer several mentoring programs including our basic mentoring program which is designed to provide advice and guidance to entrepreneurs and managers who need to understand finance, create a business, or grow a business; our structured mentoring program for situations where an individual requires a highly structured relationship and formal schedule; and our business plan mentoring program for situations where training and guidance are needed to assist with creation of a new business or the growth of an existing business. 


The principals of the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship have a wealth of knowledge in finance, economic development, innovation, management, and small business creation and growth, and are available for both keynotes and focused speaking engagements.


Finally, the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship is a source of information about finance, the entrepreneurial process, and current industry data and trends.

Our publications include the new classic finance book, Finance Without Fear, which explains the key concepts of finance and how these concepts can be used to start and grow a business, as well as the Finance Without Fear Business Forecasting Workbook which provides a series of tools that can be used to help project the start of a business and the growth of the business.

The Institute is also home to studies on the effects entrepreneurship and new business creation can have on the economic vitality of the local community and on the wealth of the community. 

The Institute has also compiled a significant amount of hard-to-find data on the margins, cash cycles, and other ratio data for many types of industries. 

About Entrepreneurial Finance


Entrepreneurial Finance is an easy-to-understand for finance book which covers the fundamentals and basics of finance. It presents key concepts in a straightforward, consistent manner and clearly explains what key financial information means and how to use it effectively to plan, launch or run a business. Throughout the book, Hettinger and Dolan-Heitlinger use case studies that are representative of the business that students are likely to encounter in the real world, including a retail shop, small manufacturing business, and medical office.



The benefits of Entrepreneurial Finance include:

Clear and concise explanations.

Describes how to perform financial calculations, what they mean and how to use the results to compare a business to itself, competitors, and the industry over time.

Includes how to do basic ratio calculations and discuss the ratios typical for various industries and how to find comparative ratios.

Real-world cases focus on the small-business types common in today's economy and feature both male and female owned businesses

Fully functional Business Forecasting Model included to facilitate the projection of financial statements.

Key chapter focus on management decision tools (ROI, Breakeven, Benefit-Cost Analysis, NPV, and IRR).


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